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There was a bold fellow named Trump
Who brought his best stuff to the stump
He was big on the telly
Til he miffed Megyn Kelly
Now he's takin it right in the rump


Once there was a dog named K-9
It drank song dangerous blue wine
It sat on the ground
Then heard a loud sound
For it never knew it was sitting on a mine


There once was a girl from the Valley
Who had a big sister named Sally
They liked to hang out
And wander about
Till their bodies were found in an alley.


There Once was A Man From New York
He Always did Love to eat Pork
He Would Shout
For he had Gout
For he Loved Pork


There once was a girl named Lucia
who liked to give us hugs,
See ya the heart it tugs,
but watch out for your mug,
cause Lucy's kisses could be mighty juicy.


There was a young farmer of Leeds
Who swallowed six packets of Seeds
It soon came to pass
He was covered with grass
And could not sit down for weeds.


The sun is shining in the sky
all I can say to the rain is bye
Everyone is singing summer songs
and my dad is grabbing hot dogs by the tongs
in the sky so high high high


There once was a man from Germantown
who when out and about,
did not make a sound
Upon a whim, found a gem
and wrapped her in his arms bound.


There once was a fellow named Max
Who really loved to wear hair wax
He might seem crazy
But he's really lazy
Then he had to pay his tax


There once was a dog named Ziggy
whose slobber was really quite icky.
he made dad's car like a swimming pool
by filling it all up with drool.
and left my dad in a hissy.


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