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Salt is not sweet like malt
No it is not salts fault
We need to season
For a reason
Because God knows we need salt


I love to eat sour candy
I think they are quite dandy
I got very sick
and blew up bits
a warning would have been handy



Does anyone else see but me?!
Look quickly, see, see, see!
Oh well,
How swell,
Now they think I'm crazy.


There once was a boy named Fred
who was quite wacky in the head.
He jumped the ramp,
ignoring the cramp,
and there he was left dead.


A monkey swung down from a tree,
I thought I heard it say "wee"
He started to eat cake,
He got scared by a snake,
And the snake got stung by a bee


there was from Spain
who took the wrong lane
he jumped on a crack
and broke his back
and now he is in pane


There once was a man named pat
Who traded his brain for a hat
He thought he could skate
But he realised to late
And broke his foot like a twat


A suave Lady Catcher from Snyder,
He really was a ruthless womanizer.
Every lady in sight
He took with his might.
Till he met a Black Widow Spider


There once was a good boy named Jake.
Who really so loved to take.
But his mother one day,
said he should repay,
or the garden at least should rake


There was a young man from Hong Kong.
He loved to dance to his new song.
He took some money.
And some sweet honey.
And continued his lovely new song.

By: Peace Damilola Olayiwola.u

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