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There live a girl name Hong.
Who did nothing but loved too long.
Got pregnant during her teens,
While going to school and being seen.
Now she got to finish strong.


Have you ever starved so much
That your brother tastes good to the touch
Then your eating your eating your skin and flesh
Till your eating in Bangladesh
Then you realize your eating the Dutch


A Russian fellow Vladmir
In vacation at Izimir
Took home what he thought was a pig
And it was pretty BIG
But it turned out to be a tapir



There was once a lady called hannah,
who liked eating banannas,
she sat on a chair,
and ate like a bear
and was always seen with a bananna.


There once was a fellow named Jack
All his clothes were very much black
He baked in the sun
Thinking 'this is not fun'
And that was the end of Jack.


There was a bamboo name jack
Who found he was under attack
He screamed like a girl
And started to hurl
But he kept the attackers far back


There once was a limerick queen
Who lived at the age of 13
She learns how to rim
Each and every time
And now you know what I mean


There once was a man name lancealot,
who liked to sing and dance alot,
we all wondered why,
he was a very fun guy,
we found out he has ants in his pants alot


There once was an old teacher
Who was a big creature
Even when she tried to run
She always has to grab a bun
Then she goes and sits in the bleachers


Their once was a boy named mat
mat loved 2 rat
he almost died
then he cried
cuz mat got beat with a bat.

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