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The pig sat on the chair
His name was crazy bear
When he went to the chair
he didn't care about messing in his underwear


This a man on a mission
Who preach’d very much for transition
God knows what he meant
After all wind was spent
That peculiar tall man in a mission.


There once was a guy named Ted
He ate tons and tons of bad lead
He got help by Nick
But soon he got sick
And after awhile he was dead


There was an old man with a beard
Who sad, ' it is just as I feared!
Four larks and wren,
Two owls and a hen,
Have all built their nests in my beard!'


There was a dude named Jay
Who had Mexican the other day
He went in to work
Felt the need to burp
Oops! It came out the other way


There once was a girl named Sherry,
who wasn't at all merry
It happened one day
when she ran away
'Cause she accidently caught the wrong ferry


There was a noughty scientist.
Who got lost in the nasty mist.
He tried to burgle.
But tripped over a hurdle.
what a noughty old scientist.


There was this dog who could talk.
He knew a lot.
He went for a walk.
And sang to a rock.
Then he drawed with chalk.


Matt is his name,
He puts people to shame,
He got in a crash,
The truck was smashed,
Put that picture in a frame.


There was a family who thought.
Often thought it a lot.
No one quite knew.
They made some great stew.
All of them really forgot.

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