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Denver a city with 5280 ft. of altitude
A city with 39 degrees N of latitude
You may see ski slopes packed with children
But because of its elevation you mightbe caught in a whirlwind
Oh wait I forgot to tell you its longitude


My friend, bamboo, once had a shoe
It was a lovely color of blue
She put it in a pot
And sniffed it a lot
Then the day after she ate some beef stew

By: Rachel Rademacher and Heather


One day my dog fell running up a hill
Then he accidentally swallowed a pill
He needs a band-aid now
He got one from a cow
Then he wanted to go to Brazil

By: Rachel Rademacher and Heather


Here comes the soft snow
Its pretty and chilly
Fluffy and frilly
It falls down very slow
Covering up the black crow


I have a funny looking Beard
And it's really weird
Birds nest on it
As if it were their home
Oh dear!


If i was only you , i'd make us two . I'd think of the future , and act mature . Soon or later i'll make you my boo .


There was a lady from Australia
which she thought she was living in asia
she road a kangaroo
all the way to peru
and came back looking like one too.


My dad said there was once a lady
Who lived to one hundred and eighty
She only ate flies
Which she baked into pies
But I think this story's a bit shady


There once a girl who could sing
she also had alot of bling
she knew how to rap
and people always clap
for the girl who knew how to sing


My teacher called Mrs Clayton,
Went to a theme park named Drayton,
She went on a fun ride,
Then down a big slide,
Which stopped on the beach at Paiynton.

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