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There was a beat
That feel like a heat
It makes Jack
Ran to the lack
And ate a meat


There once was a boy named Fred
he never gets out of bed.
The reason was he was stuck to the fuzz
and all around him bees buzzed.
Stuck here for life he said.


There was once a young boy
Who loved to play with this cowboy toy
But he fell down
Right on the ground
So he lost his mind and became over joy


A-Rod is a really big cheater
Unlike his teammate Derek Jeter
He's a disgrace of a man
Hope he gets hit with a can
He can no longer catch up to the heater


Addenda of the years is our grim fate,
Old age for all of us still lies in wait,
But we'll hold up our chins,
And prove life just begins
With each new day, whatever be the date.

(4 December 1985)


Lisa got it into her noodle
Her next doggy would be a poodle
Her parents went shopping
Bought a wind-up dog hopping
Lisa now has the whole kit and kaboodle


There was a lady in Niger
who smiled as she rode on a tiger,
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.


There was a proud lad names Jim.
With a shark he decided to swim.
He patted its head
Before it was fed;
I wonder what happened to him?


There was once a boy named Kilany
he held on to every penny
one rolled away ,
Kilany died that day
he thought he didn't have any


There's now an old soldier from Alice
approached every task without malice
stood fast in the saddle
won every battle
came home to receive a non gratis

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