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There once was a skeleton of doom,
Who invited a ghost to his room,
The had a big fight,
Which wasn't right,
Of who should be frightened of whom!


Jim and his pal Bob
Chose a store to rob
So they grabbed some cash
And ran out in a flash
And were followed by an angry mob


Our old neighbours had a cat
who was always wearing a funky hat
But one day
me and my brother had play
and we squashed him flat that was the last of our OLD neighbours cat


There was a young lady from China,
Who went to sea on a liner,
She fell off the deck,
And twisted her neck,
And now can see right behind her.


There once was a young man in spain
Who Never knew how to complain
He worked all day
And never did play
That workish young man from spain



there was a young boy from harrow,
who lived in a street that was narrow,
he had a big sister,
with a large blister,
so he shot her with an arrow


Gavin’s a lad in a spin
He’s left, then he’s right, then he’s in
Then he’s out, then he’s round
Then he’s up, then he’s down
Then upfront with a wink and a grin

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There once was a man named Bob
Who just got fired from his job
He was mad at his boss
Who was glad at the loss
because bob was as smart as a knob.


When you add 2 and 2 you get 4
If you add 2 more 2′s you get more
Times that by 2
Add 2 2′s, then you
Get an answer that's known as a score


I know a old lady from stam ford
Who decided to move far abroad
She went to Japan
And got hit by a pan
And then she moved back to stam ford

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