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There one was a boy name billy bees
who accidently ate some smelly cheese
his stomach grumbled and groaned
he lied of the floor and moaned
It turned out the cheese contained a disease.


there was a bear called lennie
the mice, he couldn't keep many
alfalfa and rabbits
were just some of his habits
now he's gone, he cant have any!


There once was a girl named Jane
Who thought she could see in the rain
She ran out of her dorm
And into a storm
And alas she was hit by a train


There once was a girl named Sue
Who went and caught the flu
She lay in bed
So halfway dead
Now Sue doesn't have the flu


there once was a man called andy,
who was especially handy,
then hit is head,
and went to bed,
and woke up with a bottle of shandy.


there was a skandian from Spain
and he loved to drink champanin
one day he went wild and married a toenail
don't you wish he drank more champain


There once was a boy named Freddy
he was always ready
he wanted to get out of school
because he was going to the pool
and started to walk steady


there once was a girl named Lou
Who was home and feeling blue
Until her mom bought her a bunny
That looked a little funny
So she decided to give it to you!

~ Shania ~


Their was a duck
Who had no luck
Although he wanted to say,
That he could not play
He is just a duck without luck


There once was a big brown ol' cat
Who wore a nice little hat
She wasnt so small
But really quite tall
And got used as a baseball bat.

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