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A slap-head musician named Jase
Plays slap-happy tunes on the bass
He slaps at the double
The triple’s no trouble
But his four-play’s all over the place


kitty cat nice and fat
dream a dream
just like that
catch a mouse
ever so far
wake back


There once was a girl named Meg
Who accidently broke her leg
She fell on ice
Not once but twice
So please no pitty on her, I beg


There was once a Liam from Payne
He always plays in the soaking rain
There were five friends that sing
All of their cell phones ring
Liam is the one with the brains


There once was a drummer called fred
who drummed himself to bed
he woke up one night
with a terrible fright
he had drummed a hole in his head!


There once was a boy named chub
He spent his days at a pub
because of his age
the bartender raged
and threatened his life with a club


There was a young lady from York,
Who decided to eat chalk,
She felt really bad,
She was very sad,
But she said it was nicer than pork!


There once was a frog named Bob
Who ate lots of corn on the cob
He got really fat
Then fell flat
And was trampled by an angry mob


A prudish old man called McNaughton
Had all the clothes that he ought on
Undressing one night
His shame matched his fright
When his son caught McNaughton with nought on


The economy has taken a nose dive
The banks all asked for help and we chose five
Now the executives get rich
By making us their b#tch
There's no wonder why Fox News' shows thrive!

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